Clinical Consultations

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Sam Hughes Clinic

WELCOME new clients! I am available for clinical consultations at Living Wellness Centre, in South Surrey, BC, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

If you are a new client you will need to call in to book your first appointment. If you need to contact me before your first appointment you can also book a free 10 min phone appointment or 20 min paid phone appointment if your case is more complex.

As part of integrated holistic health, all first visits are 1h long. We will have time to connect, talk about your history and symptoms and to discuss most of the contributing factors to your symptoms. My goal is for you to leave with information and strategies that you can start to work right away once you leave. Pelvic Health usually can be a sensitive matter, and it is important for me to take the time to have you feel comfortable and safe. I usually will not perform pelvic exam during your first appointment.

Follow-up appointments can be 1h and 45 min long. I will usually recommend all second visits to be 1h long and then 45 min after. Your second visit will mostly include a thorough physical examination that can include pelvic exam. Pelvic exams include vaginal or anal examination, but it is not required for every visit. I will NEVER perform pelvic exams if you are nervous or uncomfortable.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pair of shorts. I highly recommend to book 3-4 subsequent appointments after your first appointment.


We have introduced no show and late cancellation fees to encourage your commitment and to keep clinical consultation flow, wait-lists short, and to give clients the opportunity to be seen promptly. If you are finding it challenging to keep your appointments, please let me know. I can always try to find ways to help you to be more engaged. Phone consultations are also available if you are not able to physically be at all your appointments.

I am Available at the Living Wellness Centre | 401 - 14022 32nd Ave. Surrey, BC | (604) 535-3335