About me

Sam Huges

I am caring, dedicated and a good listener. I have a passion for people and believe in empowering them with knowledge and strategies to make their lives easier, happier and more fulfilling!

I am a BC registered physiotherapist (physical therapist), educator and author, working and living in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. I have been in practice for over 13 years and have been 11 years solely dedicated to pelvic health. My approach is holistic in nature, and accompanied by the concept that healing comes from unconditional support and understanding . Addressing all components that can affect health such as physical, emotional or social, is very important to me.


I am caring, dedicated and an active listener, and believe in collaborative work, making my clients active participants of their treatment plan.  Empowering individuals with knowledge and concepts that can help them achieve their goals, and providing them with a safe and trusting environment, are my believes for optimizing results.  I have a passion for people and my goal is to make people's lives easier, happier and functional. Enhancing pelvic health, through addressing global health is my goal.


Sharing pelvic health knowledge to the public and health professionals has been my passion since the beginning of my career. I have been the spokesperson for prostate cancer meetings, peers and medical meetings and symposiums, and am constantly creating opportunities to educate the public and health professionals about pelvic health physiotherapy.


Some of my education pathway and highlights:

  • Masters of Physical Therapy - University of Alberta 2006
  • Implemented Public Continence Clinic Physiotherapy Department - Surrey, BC 2010
  • Principal Investigator of Urinary Incontinence after Prostate Cancer Surgery Study 2011
  • Implemented Public Prostate Cancer Physiotherapy Program - Surrey, BC 2012
  • Published "The Guide to Optimizing Recovery After Prostate Cancer Surgery" 2019


All new clients are welcome at Living Wellness Clinic in Surrey BC. 

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